The “Can We Talk” series began in 2016. This ongoing series is designed to engender productive and respectful discourse here in Concord. The goal is to create opportunities for the community to come together to discuss and learn from what is happening around us.

Since 2016, the CCACE Advisory Committee has promoted and hosted three community forums: Fake News: The Changing Landscape of Journalism in the 21st Century, Conversations in a Civil Society-Agreeing to Disagree, The Defamation Experience, and Unconscious Bias: Interrupting the Cycle.

CCACE covers the cost of bringing these talks to the community. We charge a fee to help defray these costs. If you would like, you may make a donation to help cover future “Can We Talk programs”.

Past Programs:

Concord & Carlisle: Our Communities Through a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lens

Today, Concord and Carlisle face new challenges as we strive to be welcoming, inclusive communities. This series of four seminars will explore three critical areas:

  1. History: A Focus on Indigenous People and African Americans and their roles in the towns

  2. Education: Public & Private Education: How to ensure that all students feel welcome and included

  3. Housing: An understanding of the factors which influenced housing in these communities and how housing and land use has influenced social, economic and racial diversity in these towns

  4. Our final session will begin with a summary of the first three seminars, followed by an opportunity to engage community members in a facilitated exploration and discussion of what steps should be taken to make Concord and Carlisle communities more diverse, equitable and inclusive. The last session will be followed by a reception which will allow for further information exchange and discussion.