Adult & Youth Programs

We offer education for all ages ranging from one-day workshops to ongoing courses in a variety of different areas. Every program – whether it’s local history, creative writing, foreign languages, or financial planning – is designed to holistically enrich each individual on his or her terms with a dedicated instructor.

Popular programs:

Our popular, long-running series where community members share their travel stories and pictures.

An ongoing lecture and discussion series designed to engender productive and respectful discourse around current topics in Concord and Carlisle.

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Our Parent Education programs offer expert-led workshops on a range of topics that face our children and families. Check our website and look in your school newsletters for more information on these programs!

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Courses for mature learners who are seeking stimulating study and conversation about interesting topics. Taught by academics, scholars, and educational leaders who volunteer to share their knowledge and inspire others, they bring the best university-level learning experiences to Concord and Carlisle.

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We also offer classes in College & Test Prep, Computers & Digital Life, Creative Arts, Explore & Play, Fitness & Wellness, Food & Drink, History & Culture, Invest & Plan, World Languages, Writing, and Youth Programs.