Our Mission

Concord Carlisle Adult & Community Education (CCACE) is a self-sustaining branch of Concord-Carlisle Public Schools, dedicated to lifelong learning for all ages. CCACE connects local citizens through collaborative community outreach, classes and educational events. Our aim is to provide unique programming that will inspire joy and nurture passions.

Adult and Community Education Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee offers support and advice to the Director and the Regional School Committee regarding programs, ensures citizen input to the Director and School Committee, and “ensure(s) a vital, stimulating series of programs designed to enhance and expand upon school programs and to encourage lifelong learning.”
Interested in joining our Advisory Committee?

The Committee generally meets one Friday per month from September through May. Meetings are public and are posted on the Town Clerk websites. To view past agendas and approved minutes.

Anyone who wishes to discuss an item is urged to contact the  Chair in advance so that agenda time can be allotted.

Click here to read the Advisory Committee By-Laws.

Committee Chair
Paula Casey, Chair

Pam Hegarty (Concord)
Anne Irza-Leggat (Concord)
Kim Kossmann (Concord)
Barbara Magee (Concord)
Polly Meyer (Concord)
Alison Pray (Carlisle)
Steve Reznek (Concord)
Sara Wilson (Carlisle)
Kristen Anderson, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning
Carrie Patel (Carlisle), Regional School Committee Liaison